Brighton Yiquan Logo

Literally translated Yiquan means

mind or intent boxing.


A sister to the other Chinese

internal martial arts*, Yiquan

is a relative newcomer.


Brighton Yiquan is the only

Yiquan school in Brighton & Hove.

The syllabus is based on that

of Yao Chenguang (president

of the Beijing Yiquan Research Academy and director of the Zongxun Wuguan school) as taught by my teacher Karel Koskuba, one of the foremost practitioners of the internal arts in Europe.


The art-form was developed by Wang Xiangzhai in the 1920's. A lifetime dedicated to research and practice in the martial arts led Wang Xiangzhai to the belief that for the most part, the teaching of martial arts emphasized the practice of 'empty' external movements as opposed to concentrating on the practical understanding and cultivation of internal skill and ability. Yiquan represents Wang Xiangzhai's desire to redress the balance.


* (namely Tai Chi, Xingyiquan and Ba Gua Zhang)