'I came to Yiquan only really expecting to pick up a few pointers on posture, but 10 months in and I've found it to be a beautifully simple, direct and complete internal martial system. With Alkin's help I've made more progress in these few months than I had in the previous 20 years of Tai Chi. I highly recommend both the art and the teacher.'

Dave C, Oboe Maker.


'From wobbliness to sturdiness in less than a year. Alkin's enormous enthusiasm is powerfully enabling'

Christine W, Teacher.


'Coming to Yiquan from Tai Chi is like discovering the fundamentals of internal martial arts. Initially I thought Yiquan would give me a great toolbox of exercises to help me with my Tai Chi practice. It only took a two-hour class with Alkin in the rain to become equally fascinated by Yiquan! Alkin is a passionate, motivating and attentive teacher with a relaxed, fun, and creative attitude towards the martial arts! Everyone should give his Yiquan classes a try!'

Roza M, Philosophy Postgraduate.


'I have been under a lot of stress this year and practicing Yiquan has really helped me to relax and calm my thoughts in this difficult time.'

Alison V, Staff Co-ordinator.


'When I discovered Tai Chi after many years of western exercise, the experience I had of my body changed completely. My transition from Tai Chi to Yiquan has been equally significant, I am finally able to relax in a standing posture without knee pain; something that has eluded me for years. Alkin's relaxed, cheerful  demeanour and impressive depth of understanding results in an engaging class that I look forward to every week. Whether you already practise an internal martial art or are new to this type of exercise, I could not recommend Alkin's classes highly enough.'

Paul R, Technical Support Officer.


'Sensitivity and clarity mark out Alkin's teaching. He is attentive to what your body requires and where you are in your practice; I have left each class with a clear idea of what to work on and how to approach it. If this sounds very serious it shouldn't - I always leave Alkin's classes with a big smile and a happy heart!'

Theo H, Teacher.

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