Alkin Emirali,  B.A (hons),  M.A


Alkin has 33 years experience in martial

arts and counting, and now focuses solely

on Yiquan.  Prior to the birth of his

daughter he could be found at St Ann's

Well Gardens, Brighton where he trained

for 3 to 5 hours a day all year round.

Although fatherhood has reduced the

number of hours he commits to practice he

remains a dedicated practitioner.


He started his training in Tae Kwon-Do

aged 16.  He achieved second degree black-belt and became one of the leading instructors in the association.


When Alkin encountered Tai Chi for the first time, everything he thought he knew about the body and martial arts were brought into question. Fascinated by the level of sophistication, profound body-knowledge and refinement in the 'internal arts'  Alkin spent some 10 years practicing Wu style Tai Chi and the associated Nei Gung Systems.


Despite enjoying and learning much from Wu style Tai Chi, Alkin felt that something fundamental was lacking. His search for the essential under-pinnings in the internal arts brought Alkin to Yiquan.  He is endlessly enthusiastic about Yiquan and is intrigued by the comparatively fast pace of development that he has experienced in Yiquan as compared to other internal systems.


Alkin studies Yiquan with Karel Koskuba and is considered to be one of his leading students. Karel is one of the foremost practitioners of Yiquan in the UK today and founder of the Chinese Internal Arts Association with his partner Eva Koskuba.


Alkin is a member of the CIAA and the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts. He holds current CRB certification and all classes are fully insured.


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