Yiquan is suitable for all ages and body types. Whether you are an older person seeking  to improve mobility, an athlete looking to optimise performance, a martial artist from any discipline or simply interested in exploring a fascinating movement system, then Yiquan has something to offer.


Yiquan can be practised for health and well being, as a way to de-stress mind and body, for martial development or any combination of the above.



The emphasis on standing is excellent for back problems and posture related issues. Meditative standing also promotes deep relaxation, the regulation of sleep, digestion, blood                        circulation and the emotions. Yiquan is excellent for improving mobility and developing high level co-ordination.


Martial  Development

Rather than an external technique based approach, Yiquan focusses on developing body knowledge (knowledge that resides in the body) and sensitivity to enable the practitioner to react naturally and appropriately in combat situations without the hesitation that comes from the intervention of the conscious side of the mind. Consequently Yiquan is sometimes called the methodless method. It is a renowned fighting system.


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